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On May 26, artists from around the world will perform to help I Saved A Life raise funds and provide oxygen to hospitals in India that need it most.
Start now and SAVE A LIFE by joining our live event #O2FORINDIA

#O2FORINDIA presents: An evening of awareness, compassion and music
Charu Semwal
Drukmo Gyal
Vicki Burke
With 3 more acts to be announced in the coming week!


India is facing a second major pandemic wave of Covid-19

The coronavirus variant is spreading across the country and neighboring states, with dramatic consequences and thousands of deaths every day.

In recent weeks, the situation has rapidly deteriorated due to the lack of oxygen in hospitals.

Help us solve this dire problem by donating and sending oxygen concentrators to the hospitals that need them the most in India.

Every single donation goes towards pure oxygen that will save an actual life.

Begin now and SAVE A LIFE!


Make a donation and participate in buying oxygen for India
20 people give €50 = €1.000 = 1 concentrator of oxygen

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When compassion is met with action, true impactful change can happen.

When compassion is met with action, true impactful change can happen.

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Learn more about the project #O2ForIndia

Oxygen is essential to prevent the worsening of the health conditions of patients affected by Covid-19.
The timely administration of oxygen helps reduce pulmonary complications and consequently, admissions to intensive care.
To date, oxygen production in India is not fast enough to meet all the demands from hospitals.
Larger facilities have centralized production.
But smaller hospitals do not.

And reaching the hospitals is not easy, given that the transport of oxygen cylinders involves risks and can only be carried out by India’s inadequate road infrastructure, which is highly damaged.
A quick and effective solution to save lives is oxygen concentrators.
These essential medical devices allow the self-production of oxygen by filtering the outside air.
They are portable anywhere and do not need to be refilled with oxygen.

For this reason, I Saved A Life has chosen to lend its support to saving lives by organizing the distribution of oxygen concentrators to hospitals in India.

Every breath counts.
It is what gives us life.

Help us send oxygen concentrators to hospitals in India that need them the most.

I SAVED A LIFE has established a strong collaboration between our medical expert in Italy, Dr Francesco La Rocca, and the Health Department of the Central Tibetan Administration in Delhi, in order to identify those hospitals in urgent need in India and the equipment we have to send them urgently.

List of the medical items India needs the most & that I SAVED A LIFE will provide thanks to your generosity:
  • Oxygen concentrators 5 litres and 10 litres
  • Oxygen flow meters
  • Pulse Oximeters
  • Infra red thermometers
  • Non-Rebreathable masks
  • N95 masks
  • Injection Remdesivir
  • Personal Protective Equipment kits for the medical staff

We are committed to providing useful, dignified, and culturally sensitive support to all human beings in need.


To avoid inefficient use of funds and financing, we have created a supply chain, a rigorous chain of sustenance, with 6 main control steps:

  • Direct field survey of real contingent needs
  • Creation of an ad hoc project
  • Creation of a virtuous chain between the donor and the beneficiary
  • Direct distribution of aid on the field
  • Constant monitoring of the work progress
  • Reporting of the activities carried out and the objectives achieved

We make sure that every Euro donated turns into a realistic and strategic sustenance for the refugees and those in need.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

What happens after my donation?

After your donation, you automatically receive a receipt.
Your money is collected for the project to which you made the donation. Once we have collected enough, the project begins.
For example, if you make a donation of €50 to “Oxygen For India”, and once we obtain the amount needed to send a concentrator of oxygen (€1.000), we organize the distribution to one hospital in India that needs it the most.

How can I donate?

You can donate directly on our website with your credit card here.
You can also make a donation by:

  • Paypal: www.paypal.me/ISavedALife
  • Bank transfer: send us an e-mail to info@isavedalife.charity to obtain our bank informations depending on your location.
How many people can a ration kit help?

A ration kit of €25 is created to help a family of 4 people for an entire month.
At I Saved A life, we are concerned with providing useful, dignified and culturally sensitive support, so we have created culturally appropriate ration kits for Indian and for Tibetan households.

How can I follow I Saved A Life projects?

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I want to make a monthly donation. How can I do it?

On the donation form, you can select to make a monthly donation of the amount of your choice.

Can I share the link to support the campaign with my friends?

Of course, you can share our campaign with your friends that they can join our community of compassionate givers!


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