Jeff Starrs

Position: Staff Editor
Categories: Member

Jeff has worked as a news boy, a farm hand, a psychiatric hospital attendant and a quarry worker before co-forming the band Interview and recording two albums for Virgin Records. In the 1980’s he became resident at Vajra Yogini Institute, in France, where he met his teacher, the 22nd Gomo Tulku.  After a pilgrimage to India in the 90’s, he returned to France, as webmaster for the Institute which he continued to do whilst working as International Sales Manager for a small hi-end tube amplifier company in Toulouse. He kept in touch with the 23rd Gomo Rinpoche over the years and they finally met up in Toulouse in 2007. Now retired, he is a Buddhist prison chaplain, runs Lettre à un ami, an association of correspondants writing to prison inmates interested in Buddhism and continues to make music.