Gomo Tulku

Position: President
Categories: Board Member

Tenzin D. Kashhi was brought up from childhood in a Tibetan buddhist monastery in India, as he was recognized as being the reincarnation of the renowned Buddhist master, the 22nd Gomo Tulku (from which he has adopted his current name). While in the monastery, he grew up amongst fellow Tibetan refugees and local Indians from the neighboring villages as the monastery was situated in the rural area of Karnataka, South India. Here he learned very quickly of the inequities and lack of opportunities that plagued the area, as he lived it first hand. Since receiving his Rig-Chung certificate from Sera Jey Monastic University, Gomo Tulku has traveled the world giving seminars on training the mind for optimal thinking. Through this journey, he’s lived in the USA, Canada, India, Malaysia and Italy. His travels along with the Buddhist education he received growing up has helped shape a unique, worldly perspective on how we as people must approach all of life’s challenges in this rapidly changing world. And while he was fortunate enough to not be burdened like others with the harsh realities of the refugee experience, he has been determined to take everything he has learned and go back into these communities to solve the problems that he so intimately understands.