Carma Rosonina

Position: Treasurer - Canada
Categories: Board Member

Carma Rosonina has worked as an elementary school educator for over 20 years. Beyond academic skills, she’s watched children gain self-confidence, self-knowledge, and skills for navigating life’s challenges during their school years. She sees schools as places where children can be nurtured and supported through the meaningful relationships they develop with peers and teachers, through acquiring knowledge and skills as they learn about the world around them, and through extra curricular activities where they can explore and grow as human beings. Carma has also spent some time learning about migrant issues and experiences with the Scalabrini Missionaries whose mission it is to serve migrant peoples. Having worked with children of refugee and migrant families in her classrooms, Carma became especially sensitive to the adjustments they need to make and challenges to meet. As we reflect on the abhorrent failure of schools to care for the indigenous children of this land, Carma believes school can be reimagined as places where “all children matter”, and where they receive a meaningful education based in valuing and respecting self, others, and the life around us.