Education is a fundamental human right.
It is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Education is a powerful tool by which economically and socially marginalized adults and children can lift themselves out of poverty and participate fully as citizens and community leaders. It is a key element in achieving lasting peace and sustainable development, ensuring human dignity and promoting individual and collective well-being. In brief:

It is an empowerment right

It lifts marginalized groups out of poverty

It is an indispensable means of realizing other rights

It contributes to the full development of the human personality

With the wish to uphold and promote these values, I Saved A Life, together with our Family of Compassionate Givers, has instituted the Gomo Tulku Scholarship.
In 2023, the Gomo Tulku Scholarship was awarded to nine Tibetan students from refugee settlement families in India. They were chosen by the Dept. of Education of the Tibetan Government in exile and will be supported to study for their PhD research degrees over three years.
These students were specifically recommended not only for their potential, but also to allow them pursue their dream by accessing to further education that their difficult family situations would not otherwise have permitted. I Saved A Life will also create a special scholarship research project designed to evaluate the long-term impact of the scholarship program on the students’ coping and well being.

Tharlam Dolma, Kalon of Tibetan Department of Education, CTA

video messages from the students