Gomo Ladang Renovation USA

Sponsor a Year of Daily Prayers for Your Loved Ones in These Uncertain Times

For $1.00 a day per (name) dedicatee, you can sponsor prayers for the long, healthy, and virtuous life, prosperity, and the clearing away of obstacles for yourself and your loved ones. 

Beginning on the first day of Tibetan New Year on February 12th, 2021, a senior monk will perform prayers every day for 365 days. These prayers are:

(1) Heart Sutra to Achieve Perfect Wisdom
(2) Guru Puja
(3) Chanting the Names of Manjushri to Clear Ignorance, and Develop Intelligence and Good Memory
(4) Praises to the Twenty-One Taras
(5) White Umbrella Practice for Healing Illnesses, Dispelling Interferences and Bringing Auspiciousness
(6) Clearing Obstacles from the Path
(7) Yellow Dzambhala Practice for Wealth and Prosperity
(8) Confession Prayer to Purify Negative Karma Created from Beginning-less Time.

In addition, 8 butter lamps will be lit each day for the realization of all the sponsors’ wishes.

To sponsor a year of daily prayers:
● You can make a one-time $365 donation for the entire year.
● A monthly donation of $35 at the beginning of the first month and $30 for the remaining 11 months per dedicatee.
● A one-time off contribution of any amount for the project.

Recipient Name:
Tenzin Dhonyag Kashhi

Wells Fargo Bank
280 W 1500 S, Bountiful

Account Number: 0810839290
ACH|Direct Deposit: 124002971

PayPal: www.paypal.me/ISavedALife

Zelle: +1 213 257 6002
Venmo: +1 213 257 6002

Memo: Prayer 365

Where will the proceeds be used for?
The proceeds for this project will help us to renovate and expand Gomo Ladang and thereby realize our vision to provide a place for the monks of Phenpo to receive the best of an eastern and western education.

The Gomo Ladang Renovation & Expansion Project

Gomo Ladang is the name of the house built in 1996 in Sera Jey Monastery, India, when the young 23rd Gomo Rinpoche was originally enthroned there. In addition to being Rinpoche’s home for twelve years, it also served as a sanctuary for many refugee monks coming from Phenpo. This is the region in Tibet where Gomo Rinpoche’s previous incarnation lived and taught and where he is revered as one of the principal Geluk lamas.

The house was made possible through the generosity of many kind donors from Italy and across Europe, who had been disciples of the previous Gomo Rinpoche. Upon the recognition of the new incarnation, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, also a disciple of the previous Gomo Rinpoche, requested Lama Tzong Khapa Institute to take on the responsibility of funding the construction of the house.

Since Gomo Rinpoche’s departure from the monastery in 2009, Gomo Ladang has continued to host monks from Phenpo under his guidance. It currently houses five monks and has become a reference point for all the Phenpo people living in Bylakuppe, a Tibetan refugee camp in south India.

There has not been a major renovation of Gomo Ladang since it was built in 1996. Currently structural changes are needed to improve the living conditions, make more efficient use of resources, and provide better facilities for education and spiritual activities, as well as to create more space for new monks and visitors from the Phenpo community.

Expanding Gomo Ladang will entail building new bedrooms so that we can accommodate 10-13 monks, of which 5-8 will be new young monks. It will include a modern kitchen, dining room, classroom, storage room, and public toilets. In addition to that, we plan to build a library, a new prayer hall, and other study spaces, as the target group of this project is not only our in-house monks but also the other 35 Phenpo monks living and studying in Sera Monastery. The additional space will also provide an opportunity to all the monks to follow frontal and online classrooms in the Ladang, as well for the lay community from Phenpo to gather for collective prayers and studies.

Once the building is complete, furniture will be purchased for the new bedrooms, the new prayer hall, including a new altar, the library and dining room. The modular kitchen, 4 bathrooms, and 2 public toilets will be outfitted and a new generator will be purchased. Once the building is ready to host the monks, they will be provided with textbooks, school materials, laptops, and more.

Estimated budget for the project

₹6m$85,714Cost of renovation and expansion
₹1.25m$17,857Household goods
₹610k$8,714Educational materials, laptops, etc
₹300k$4,286Architect’s fee
₹600k$8,57210% for unexpected costs
₹8.76m$125,143Grand Total
Average bank exchange rate at USD 1 = INR 70
Household goods details
  1. 15 Beds
  2. 15 Mattresses
  3. 30 Bedsheets & Blankets
  4. 15 Study tables/chairs
  5. Large dinning table/chairs
  6. Study Room materials
  7. Altar for new Gompa
  8. Gompa Cushions for 40 monks
  9. A Generator for when there is power outage 
  10. Complete Kitchenware
  11. Couches for the Common Room
  12. Miscellaneous