Frequently asked questions

After your donation, you automatically receive a receipt.
Your money is collected for the project for which you made the donation. When we have reached a sufficient amount that allows us to go into action, the actual groundwork starts.

Results of recent social experiments show that programs like « Almsgiving » create significant mental and physical well-being and stability, and boost self-esteem, economic productivity, and self-sufficiency.

You can follow the progress and completion of our projects through regular up-dates here on our website and social media.

There are many ways in which you can help us help refugees: making a regular donation helps us to plan long-term, sustainable projects; share our news on your social media; start a fund-raising group among your friends; raise awareness about refugees by organizing group meetings with neighbors, colleagues or at school. If you belong to a business, encourage them to join our Affiliate Program. We’d love to hear your ideas and welcome your feedback!