Community Center

Help to create a vibrant and healthy community for the 25,000 refugees living in the Tibetan settlement in Bylakuppe

Community Center

25,000 refugees live in the Tibetan settlements in Bylakuppe. The people there face the dissatisfaction of life within a settlement with limited opportunities. Among those are a lack of recreational facilities where young and elderly can come together to play, exercise, and socialize as well as the lack of employment opportunities. Our project is to create a new meeting place with sport areas and a multifunctional center hosting a variety of activities, workshops, meetings, available for the entire local community.

However, the Community Center development would mean so much more than just economic benefits, it would mean modernizing village infrastructure, centralizing the youth community and promoting healthy living. All of this would be done through environmental friendly means so both the Bylakuppe residents and town itself would benefit greatly.

To make this Community Center a reality, we will need to raise €1,196,027

How your donation will be spent?

Budget details

Community Center
Indoor Football Field (Five-a-side): ₹9,000,000 – €115,385
Indoor Basketball Court (NBA court size): ₹10,000,000 – €128,205
Swimming Pool, Steam-room, Hot-tub, Shower, etc.: ₹16,000,000 – €205,128

Land (5 Acres / 2 Hectares): ₹15,000,000 – €192,308
Brick Wall & Parking Lot: ₹2,350,000 – €30,128
Cafeteria/Restaurant: ₹5,000,000 – €64,103

Ventilation, Generator, Floodlights, Streetlights, etc. : ₹9,500,000 – €121,795
Pickup Truck and Other Vehicles for Transportation: ₹8,800,000 – €112,821
Salary (amount based on type of work): ₹10,440,000 – €133,846
Utilities, Repairs, Misc and Unseen Costs: ₹7,200,000 – €92,308

GRAND TOTAL = ₹93,290,000 – €1,196,027

To avoid inefficient use of funds and financing, we have created a supply chain, a rigorous chain of sustenance, with 6 main control steps:

  • Direct field survey of real contingent needs
  • Creation of an ad hoc project
  • Creation of a virtuous chain between the donor and the beneficiary
  • Direct distribution of aid on the field
  • Constant monitoring of the work progress
  • Reporting of the activities carried out and the objectives achieved

We make sure that every Euro donated turns into a realistic and strategic sustenance for the refugees and those in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after my donation?

After your donation, you automatically receive a receipt.
Your money is collected for the project for which you made the donation. Once we have collected enough, the project begins.
For example, if you make a donation of €50 to «Oxygen For India », and once we obtain the amount needed to send a concentrator of oxygen (€1.000), we organize the distribution to one hospital in India that needs it the most.

How can I donate?

You can donate directly on our website with your credit card here.
You can also make a donation by:

  • Paypal: www.paypal.me/ISavedALife
  • Bank transfer: send us an e-mail to info@isavedalife.charity to obtain our bank informations depending on your location.
How many people can a ration kit help?

A ration kit of €25 is created to help a family of 4 people for an entire month.
At I Saved A life, we are concerned with providing useful, dignified and culturally sensitive support, so we have created culturally appropriate ration kits for Indian and for Tibetan households.

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I want to make a monthly donation. How can I do it?

On the donation form, you can select to make a monthly donation of the amount of your choice.

Can I share the link to support the campaign with my friends?

Of course, you can share our campaign with your friends that they can join our community of compassionate givers!

Thank you for your support!