The second of our “Four Pillars” is EDUCATION, and it contributes to the full development of the individual provided there is a proper learning environment and reference figures, teachers, to accompany the learner throughout their educational journey.
Schools, however, do not always have the necessary resources to ensure learning for their students, compromising their growth and future. Our Almsgiving Pilot Project provides certain schools in India with the necessary and most in-demand means to ensure hygiene, safety and proper conduct of school activities: from pencils and notebooks to desks and computers, from uniforms and new shoes, to the materials needed to repaint classrooms.
Education also extends to adults of disadvantaged communities, who need the knowledge to help them start their own businesses, manage their finances, in order to maintain a harmonious family climate. To fill this gap in rural India, the Almsgiving project provides services such as workshops and targeted training courses.
In addition, as you already know, we are also committed to continuing the “Gomo Tulku Scholarship” project, which has enabled Tibetan refugee students to pursue their studies for a Ph.D. degree and continues to help students in need. We will share important and further updates soon.