Chökor Düchen

On this occasion of the Chökor Düchen, which commemorates the anniversary of the first time Buddha Shakyamuni began teaching the sacred Dharma with the Four Noble Truths-suffering and its causes, the paths leading to its cessation and the cessation of suffering itself, we want to reflect on the importance of helping those in need by alleviating their suffering.
Each of us, on our own journey, experiences suffering in various forms: unexpected events can upset our daily balance which was built with so much patience and effort.
But some of us are already born surrounded by hunger, despair, sadness, and with an uncertainty that feeds the fear of not being able to survive without help. Even more specifically, we are reminded of the condition of refugees.
All this makes us feel grateful and fortunate in life, because we are in a position not only to devote to our own happiness and build our future, but also to extend a helping hand to others. How can we do this together? Through our projects, and in particular through our Almsgiving Pilot Project.
Together, we can support disadvantaged Tibetan refugee families and adjacent rural communities toward self-sufficiency by providing what is needed for real and lasting change.