World Refugee Day

“The sun of real happiness shines in your life when you start to cherish others.” – Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Today, June 20, is World Refugee Day, and I Saved A Life would like to share with all of you the deep sense of gratitude and happiness we feel in offering the possibility of a better and dignified life to Tibetan refugees and disadvantaged families in India through our pilot project Almsgiving.
There are more than 35 million women, men and children around the world fleeing conflict, persecution and violence in search of a safe place. But what is it that keeps them from giving up and fighting for their lives on a daily basis? Hope.
The same hope that people in need hold in their hearts, and that drives millions of volunteers to provide assistance to victims of a reality that holds them prisoners.
Renewing our commitment, with all the love, passion and dedication that drives us to continue our charitable work, we invite you to join us and our Family of Compassionate Givers.
By doing so, you can make a permanent difference in the lives of entire families, help them achieve self-sufficiency and see a smile on the faces of all those children who, to this day, find themselves hoping for a better future.