Providing long-term assistance

According to WHO (World Health Organization), India bears a third of the global burden of undernutrition. Underprivileged people’s diet is insufficient, above all in proteins and vitamins, in quantity but also in quality, being based mainly on cereals. This unbalanced nutrition is the cause of many infectious diseases that deny adults and children the chance to live and grow up happily and in good health.
The cause of malnutrition is closely linked to economic inequality and while giving refugees and local disadvantaged communities punctual nutritional support is a worthy cause, it doesn’t address the problem of how to attain sustainability.
For this reason, I Saved A Life, has decided to provide long-term assistance to underprivileged families in India through our 3-Year Almsgiving Pilot Project. It includes not only nutritional aid, but also educational and organizational support in order to help those in need achieve self-sufficiency.
Our intervention is customized and will meet the needs of Tibetan refugees and local community members, to give them the resources, help and strength they need to start their own businesses and win the daily struggle against poverty and, paradoxically, dependence on aid.
Together, with you and members of our Family of Compassionate Givers, we can offer a life-changing, sustainable opportunity to these people through our Almsgiving Pilot Project. In solidarity, you can start helping those in need now, by visiting