World Water Day

Did you know that in countries marked by deep poverty, such as India, the availability of clean and healthy water is one of the most alarming problems, despite numerous global initiatives?
Especially in the rural parts of India, most water sources are contaminated with sewage and agricultural wastes. By drawing from unsafe sources, community members are exposed to an increased risk of contracting diseases. In addition, access to sanitation services is limited. Consequently, lack of water affects each individual’s health status, their nutrition and education, and prevents them from living in conditions that we take for granted.
Water is life, it’s an essential resource and should be guaranteed to every human being. And today, World Water Day, let’s take a moment to be grateful for the abundance of water we have and appreciate the benefits it has on our health.
Likewise, let us commit together to help refugee communities and disadvantaged families live a life of dignity, with the hope that we will soon see them stronger, healthier, and more independent.