Chötrul Düchen

Today, March 7, is Chötrul Düchen, meaning “Great Day of Miraculous Manifestations”. It is one of the four main festivals in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and commemorates the miraculous powers shown by Buddha Shakyamuni to increase faith in his followers and inspire it in skeptics.
On this day, it is believed that the effects from positive and negative actions are multiplied ten million times, and people usually celebrate by offering prayers, attending rituals and ceremonies, and performing acts of generosity.
And we at I Saved A Life renew our commitment to help Tibetan refugees in need by rejoicing with them on this special day. How? Through our various projects, such as Almsgiving, whose aim is to help communities gain self-sufficiency by providing the necessary resources and means to enable them achieve this goal.
By taking part in Chötrul Düchen, together we can show support and solidarity with Tibetan #refugees and disadvantaged families, and demonstrate how strong the power of compassion is in the face of adversity.
With the hope of performing as many compassionate actions as possible, we wish you all the best on this auspicious day.