Restoring Dignity

How would you feel if your future depended totally on the kindness of others?
Imagine what it would feel like to see the nation you live in become a hostile place, to have to leave your home and your job, be separated from family and friends, have no access to basic services such as health and education, and be unable to provide stability for the people you love.
“With this loss comes the loss of your dignity, the respect that others manifested to you, the respect you had in yourself and in your life’s achievements, your contributions to society. You find yourself in a completely alienating situation, one which you believed could never happen to you.” – Jeff, ISAL’s Lead Editor
With this sentiment in our hearts, we here at I Saved A Life are so grateful for the support of all of you, our Family of Compassionate Givers. Together, we can help restore this lost dignity by providing adequate living conditions to disadvantaged #refugees and families.