World Food Day

October 16, the World Food Day, is celebrated by highlighting international efforts to defeat hunger and improve nutrition and food security. This year’s theme is “Leave NO ONE behind”.

ISAL’s new pilot project, Almsgiving Campaign, aims to provide 1.3 million meals in 3 years to 100 families. It functions on the principle that by providing long-term nutritional and educational support, underprivileged families can allocate their limited resources to invest in themselves and their children’s future and break out of the cyclical struggle for survival.
So let’s rejoice together in the food we have available to us on a daily basis, with the hope that we can ensure that refugee families and disadvantaged people have the food they need to live in good health.
This is only possible thanks to the kindness of our Family of Compassionate Givers, those who support our current Almsgiving campaign and projects.