Chökor Düchen commemoration

Chökor Düchen commemorates the anniversary upon which Buddha Shakyamuni first began teaching the holy Dharma with the Four Noble Truths – suffering and its causes, the paths leading to its cessation and the cessation of suffering itself.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama often cites the great Indian master, Shantideva, who said that we are all the same in wanting to be happy and not wanting to suffer.
With this understanding, the ISAL Team are reminded of the hardships and suffering of nearly 32 million refugees worldwide caused by displacement, the lack of basic human rights such as education and access to health services and the resulting loss of dignity.
So how can we help those less fortunate than ourselves?
We can walk the paths that help alleviate their suffering by making the joyful effort to wisely and patiently practice generosity.
At I Saved A Life our Family of Compassionate Givers walks these paths. With their generous support, we help restore the dignity and opportunities that refugees lack. Join our family and we will walk those paths together and save lives one step at a time.