Merry Saka Dawa

Gomo Tulku and the I Saved A Life team would like to wish everyone, our followers and our Family of Compassionate Givers, a Merry Saka Dawa!
Saka Dawa (Vesak) is one of the four most important holy days in the Buddhist calendar, and it is said that karmic results are multiplied by 100 million times.
On this day we remember Buddha Shakyamuni’s birthday, enlightenment, and parinirvana and rejoice in his extraordinary, compassionate deeds to help all beings. Inspired by his example, and in our capacity, here are some of the diverse projects that ISAL, with your support, has accomplished over the past year and that you can rejoice in:
• Aiding rural Indians and Tibetan refugees in India with health and nutrition, education, and humanitarian work with our Almsgiving Campaign
• Providing oxygen concentrators and medical equipment to hospitals in India during the Covid-19 pandemic with O2 For India, as well as the distribution of 725,000 protection masks to 25.000 rural Indian families
• Distribution of essential hygiene kits to 5,000 monks in India
• The Sponsorship of the South Cup-winning TDL football team in Bylakuppe refugee settlement in India
• Our Vitamin Project supplied vitamin supplements to 1,500 Covid patients, elderly ordained monks and nuns, and 5,000 Sangha
• The Gomo Tulku Scholarship for Tibetan students
• Our recently completed humanitarian aid with Project: Ukrainian Refguees
We thank you all for your continued support and generosity and wish you a very Merry Saka Dawa!