TDL Football Team Sponsorship

I SAVED A LIFE is proud to have sponsored the TDL Football Team, Bylakuppe. Bylakuppe is the largest Tibetan refugee settlement in the world outside Tibet.


Today, June 5th, the TDL team won the South Cup Tournament after beating the Lugsum team by 1-0.  They were GCMGC champions in 2016 🏆⚽️ and in 2015 won the South Cup Tournament  🏆⚽️.


While it is obviously important to respond to the needs of refugees in emergency situations, as we have done and with your help, in our Project: Ukrainian Refugees, we mustn’t forget the needs of refugees in their everyday life, as they try to create a normal, healthy life in exile. Sporting activities such as competitive football  are a part of this and perhaps a feature that we ourselves tend take for granted.


We hope you’ll give a victory cheer to the TDL Team and we count on you, our Family of Compassionate Givers and your continued support, to make all of our projects possible.