Friday, June 3rd 2022

May 27th They should be delivering medicines and medical supplies… I’m waiting for a phone call or a message from the very kind Mykola of the U-Work foundation in Krakow. Finally, in the afternoon, the photos arrive. A pallet of medical supplies is missing and I have to call the Polish courier immediately. Luckily, with some patchy English, I understand that they are already on their way to Warsaw and will deliver the rest today, late afternoon and it is not possible for them to go back!


I call Warsaw, but it’s already late. The next morning I receive photos from Mr.Montefusco, the president of Lion’s International in Warsaw. From the very beginning he has helped us in so many ways in this adventure. All our pallets (including Krakow’s) have already been unloaded in the hangar of the rescue area and ready to leave with helicopters to reach the civilian hospitals of Ukraine.  I’m happy, finally, all our efforts have paid off and the offerings are ready to reach their final destination!


But we still have to follow up with the 2,600 kg of food aid, 4 large pallets for which we had to call a truck to load them up. Tomorrow is Sunday the 28th and we have to wait a full day before we can call.  Monday, and here are the first problems : the courier says that the situation has changed and he cannot reach Caritas in Elk, too many queues of cars and trucks and with the size of the truck it is impossible to reach Warsaw’s city center, where there is another point of Caritas collection.


In the meantime, here are the photos from the U-Work foundation warehouse outside the city of Krakow. They received the two pallets of food and were so delighted!


Tuesday May 31st, and we are still waiting to hear about the other two pallets. I try to talk to Don Dario but he is still in Kiev and it is impossible to reach him. I speak with Mr. Montefusco but he, too, cannot understand where the two pallets have gone even though the courier says he unloaded them!  I call Mr.  Attanasio who made the logistics of these deliveries and which were not at all easy to manage.  Always calm and kind, he tells me that he will ask for the CMR, which I find out is a document that is signed by whoever receives the goods. 


Finally, today June 3rd we learn that they have arrived at a third Caritas warehouse outside Warsaw.  All delivered !!


ISAL would like to give heartfelt thanks to the people of Siqur spa for the food products, Farmacia Bemporad for medicines and CFS prodotti medicali, who all helped in many way to handle this complicated delivery but who were always so cooperative.

WELCOME TO OUR Family of Compassionate GiversTM