Charu Semval’s message

Our duty is to help during hard times.”

Oxygen is essential to prevent the worsening of the health conditions of patients affected by Covid-19. The timely administration of oxygen helps reduce pulmonary complications and consequently, admissions to intensive care.

To date, oxygen production in India is not fast enough to meet all the demands from hospitals. Larger facilities have centralized production. But smaller hospitals do not. And reaching the hospitals is not easy, given that the transport of oxygen cylinders involves risks and can only be carried out by India’s inadequate road infrastructure, which is highly damaged.

A quick and effective solution to save lives is oxygen concentrators.
These essential medical devices allow the self-production of oxygen by filtering the outside air. They are portable anywhere and do not need to be refilled with oxygen.

For this reason, I Saved A Life has chosen to lend its support to saving lives by organizing the distribution of oxygen concentrators to hospitals in India. Every breath counts. It is what gives us life. Help us send oxygen concentrators to hospitals in India that need them the most.

Watch a video message from Charu Semval in regards to Covid in India.